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Sitefinity CMS Integration

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Project Description
Using LINQ, this has many features, such as product reviewing, product recommendations based on your site and, and PayPal integration. This is meant to be a module and exist at part of another project. This project also uses Telerik's RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX.

About the Company
JMA Web Technologies, Inc, the creator of LinqCommerce, does Sitefinity and e-Commerce consulting. For more information, please visit our website:

Sitefinity CMS
LinqCommerce can be combined with the Sitefinity CMS and other ASP.NET applications. More details are in the documentation.

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Overview Video
Want to see quick overview of LinqCommerce? Check out these videos:

Please use the windows installer. The files are in the docs folder.

General Catalog Features

1. Supports categories and departments
2. Products can have multiple categories
3. Multilingual support (through Sitefinity)
4. SSL support (through Sitefinity)
5. Import data from XML and Excel
6. Fully customizable through Sitefinity templates
7. Front and back ends done using RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX
8. Digital product support through Google Checkout

Product Features

1. Product attributes (e.g. color, size)
2. Supports multiple images per product
3. Auto image resizing
4. Support for products on department and category promotion
5. Product search
6. Inventory tracking
7. Breadcrumbs (through Sitefinity)
8. Shipping support
9. Tax support

Marketing & Promotions

1. Supports related products
2. Supports discounts
3. Discount amount can either be a fixed value or a percent off. e.g. $10.00 off or 20% off
4. You can specify a start date and an end date when the coupon is valid
5. Customers can review & rate products (if enabled)
6. Require administrator approval of product reviews for all reviews
7. Discounts can be applied to a product
8. Recently added products page.
9. Search Engine Friendly URL's (through Sitefinity)
10. URL Re-Writing (through Sitefinity)
11. Every product, category and manufacturer page can have their own custom search engine meta tags, page title
12. Google XML site map (through Sitefinity)

Payment Methods, Gateways

1. PayPal Website Payments Standard
2. PayPal PayFlow Pro Gateway
2. Authorize.NET AIM Gateway
3. Google Checkout
4. PayPal IPN and Google Checkout Notification API

Customer Service Features

1. Wish list
2. Customer profiles, which includes their own info, billing and shipping info
3. Customers can view their order history and order statuses
4. Single billing and shipping addresses per customer
5. Customer roles (groups) (through Sitefinity)
6. Password recovery

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