Some issues with sitefinity3.7 and LC3.0

Sep 25, 2009 at 10:25 AM

Hi Joe,

I´ve installed LinqCommerce 3.0 with Sitefinity 3.7 sp1 blankProject and here is some feedback.

In the web.config file/profile/properties there is already these properties in the Sitefinity3.7 installation and I bealive they cause some issues with the properties from the webshop. VS has complained about FirstName, LastName and Phone so far.

providers>properties>add name="FirstName"/>add name="LastName"/>add name="Position"/>add name="Photo_Hidden"/>add name="Photo" defaultValue="~/Sitefinity/Common/Images/defaultavatar.gif"/>group name="InstantMessenger">add name="IM_Type"/>add name="IM_Value"/>group>group name="Phone">add name="Value"/>add name="Type"/>group>

The table script are missing some statements I bealive. So far I´ve discovered that at least StateTaxTable are missing the Go statement for example.

And I have this problem when I try to add a new product: Invalid column name 'TotalRemaining'

Rad 161:                p.Price = price;
Rad 162:                db.Products.InsertOnSubmit(p);
Rad 163:                db.SubmitChanges();
Rad 164:        }
Rad 165:

Could perhaps be something missing in the table scripts...

I will continue to test the application. I´ll give you more feedback when I sort out the issues.

All the best!

Johnny Albertsson

Sep 25, 2009 at 3:22 PM


Thanks for the feedback.

In the shopping cart table, there is a field called total remaining and I think it is a decimal. You can restore the database backup and see if your database matches that back-up. I'll update the docs for that database record. For Sitefinity, exclude the first name and last name info from the profile. If you run into any other errors, let me know and I'll update the docs.